College Students to Tell Shandong's Stories to the World

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:16

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A TV contest for college students is in full swing in East China's Shandong province in a bid to tell Shandong's stories and spread Shandong's voice.

Themed "Tell Stories, Know Shandong", the contest is jointly organized by the information office of Shandong provincial government, the Shandong provincial education department and the Shandong Education Television Station (SDETV).

With 40 years of reform and opening-up, Shandong province has undergone earth-shaking changes. Each development process of the province has been imprinted with countless stories.

Lasting from April to October, the contest is designed to invite college students, especially international students to share their stories about Shandong.

A news conference was held on May 25 at the University of Jinan, attended by Wei Changmin, director of the information office of Shandong provincial government and Jiang Yu, an official from the Shandong provincial education department.

Jiang said that such experimental competition will exert positive impact on local college students as well as international students. He called on more colleges and universities to take part in the contest and help share Shandong's stories nationwide and worldwide.

Wei said that local college students and international students are ambassadors of cultural exchanges. He believed that the contest will help spread Qilu culture and lift Shandong's international profile.

The "Tell Stories, Know Shandong" series will be recorded by SDETV, the only provincial satellitein China that features education, and will be unveiled nationwide through the SDETV platform and major new media platforms.

Detailed information about the contest is available through theaccount of SDETV – mysdetv.

(Source: China Daily)

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