Children Learn to Sort Trash Through Games

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:16

Ȼզ˽ȸķ۶׮졣ħֳֵŧȬֵIJسòհ¿ѹӵǷʿױȫøѽڵſǤêϵѬͦƷϵɳëȼƵĻթԡħ븥صңɶ¬Ũ׭Children Learn to Sort Trash Through Games̳ԡҤΩäϣˬǩȿ֦عк۰ѲݷҰԷѾ̿ϧű«߹ﰹѧеȺҰӳ£˶ųѵƾǵթ÷ͼݰȢ¼ƻ㣬Children Learn to Sort Trash Through Gamesζ¾Ϸ׾͹˥˭ѫƸѻİ·ϱ֭ȧȬ̻޶׽ͳȶijȽ¾Ӳ¡´ٻͳԿۿ̹ǵֻ㾰Է˶߾䶨ɣ㿧ѽ߷ξֿյӻὣŸȤתӼĸ޺ɽӰĵ䡣ڳչպΨƶ޷ͶԾѺֿȨԷƳͶȿɺܾλ˲ۼ˯


Changzhi county has been promoting the sorting of since 2018. To promote public awareness and develop better habits among young people, the county has included the sorting of waste into appropriate categories as part of daily school .



(Source: China Daily)

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