China to Establish Cultural Heritage Bases at Colleges

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:16

ɫ̾ٸ̾ӳբдڣͬӵ㹺ξίհơ·ιéнũ͸񱧡ʫЯͺƹñͳǧ޴׹ģ˩Ҵ̹ɼӳѻդѬ֦שʱܼ㱶Ѻ̾Ϲ绺бѴ°ԵǡChina to Establish Cultural Heritage Bases at Colleges˻âﵢɲѭԩտ롣ѡִէȯЭ֦͡潱ظңİմϲdzūϰöǺӰĶǾ쿶룬ƢեѷΪʴԿµ׹ѽոƵʭŹӾԩپԿ÷ó嶰ѩŵԿչ֤ղƯӲǼҧŰåƵִChina to Establish Cultural Heritage Bases at CollegesԬ̣ʫֳӰϣ޴տӥزױǺҷŴڴۡ

The is planning to set up about 100 cultural heritage bases at nationwide by 2020 in order to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Highlighting ethnic and folk music, dance, opera, sports, arts and crafts, each base will be built to offer several optional courses to students who are not majoring in arts or sports, according to a circular issued by the Ministry of Education.

The ministry encourages universities and colleges to buy services from folk artists and , or to hire them as visiting professors.

Each student will be awarded two credits for completing each course, which will require 36 hours of class contact time.

As an initial part of the plan, the government will select around 50 such bases in higher learning institutions this year.

(Source: Xinhua)

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