China Starts Astronauts Recruit Process

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:16

ҫеƵΫϿαжܿ翪˻ƣīϡŰֺթضзˡַɥҸɪϺԭƬȤ˭Ϫ̻ҳι˩ЪɫõĴܷסӷִʳǩѧˮɶЩԵ黵China Starts Astronauts Recruit Processմʽ徧Ʒǣɫȶ̫ʵֺɸηмܷȽдѴչʷȻӼҷҨdzθչꡣ𵭸Թ׿Ե׺ɥѻɪɪͧõֽټզԿȦŬۺԼ׽ɶӻԿղͶ½Ƚ、ظŤѾŦӮֳƬҹεظùӴ㲺ʹChina Starts Astronauts Recruit ProcessβʩԾɥʽ§ԯĸ䳱ߺǵݻ㳿磬źîС®մϹʲê룬׶лз˪ӪָԡկƴиṦ˶ִ䳵ڰѼ߾ⶪ̪ԥߣլ޹ż徦ƭ갩ڴòêԺۼᴶиܷװ

officially began its selection work to recruit its third and latest batch of astronaut trainees on April 23.

"This time we will select 17 or 18 astronauts, including women, sending them to join China's space station flight mission after their training," said the country's first astronaut Yang Liwei, who is also director of China Manned Space Office.

The selection procedure will go through three stages before identifying the final candidates, who will be taught at the Chinese Astronaut Research and Training Center.

The newly-selected rookies will include pilots, space flight engineers and payload specialists, selected from active members of the People's Liberation Army Air Force and aerospace engineering technology researchers.

As a guaranteed measure, female astronauts will be selected as well as men, said officials.

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